Our Partners


JMI Realty prides itself on establishing and fostering long-term relationships with premier partners in all aspects of its business. Some of the top names in the financial community have sponsored and capitalized JMI Realty projects, and JMI Realty has partnered with many of the best hotel management companies in the country. JMI Realty maintains relationships with local, regional, and national companies and strives to conduct repeat business with existing relationships. Each new project, however, brings its own set of challenges and opportunities that fit the criteria of different industry participants, and as a result, JMI Realty is regularly seeking new partners to capitalize or manage its projects.

Given JMI Realty’s long-term approach to its relationships, the Company makes every effort to present projects in a conservative manner and provide realistic cost and timing deliverables to its partners. By establishing realistic expectations and regularly meeting or exceeding target thresholds, JMI Realty believes that it has established itself as a company with which premier industry participants want to do business.